Mark de Jonge

Vital Statistics

Born 2/15/1984
Height 180cm
Weight 87kg
Birthplace Calgary, Alberta
Hometown Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sport Flat Water Kayak
Event 200m


2x World champ. Olympic medallist. World record holder.

In nearly two decades Canadian Kayak champion Mark de Jonge’s managed to become amongst the best paddlers in the world. After missing out on qualifying for both the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games, de Jonge’s time to shine came when the quick sprint K-1 200m was added to the Olympic program for London 2012.

After a breakout season in 2011 when he won a World Cup medal, he captured bronze in his Olympic debut at London 2012. He had qualified for the Olympic team despite being unable to paddle for several weeks before the Canadian trials when he dropped an 80-pound dumbbell on his finger. After sitting out the World Cup stops, he won the trials in a faster time than ever recorded in international competition.

Mark is focused on the fine details that optimize his power and efficiency on the water. As a trained engineer, he applies math and physics to all aspects of his training and continues to push the envelope of equipment design.


Personal Bests

Event Time Date Location
K1 200M 35.396 26 JULY 2012 Olympics – London, U.K



Parents Boris and Lottie de Jonge. Older brother Axel. Older sisters Ashley, Holly and Carlin.

Getting into the Sport:

Started kayaking at age 13… After moving to Halifax in 1997 his parents registered him with the Maskwa Aquatic Club so he could meet more kids his own age.

Outside Interests:

Graduated from Dalhousie University in 2009 (Civil Engineering). Worked fulltime for three years as an engineer-in-training at Stantec Consulting before taking leave of absence to focus on kayaking heading into London 2012.

Odds and Ends

Favourite quote: “It is how you show up to the showdown that counts.” – Homer Norton…

Nickname: Mucka…