Amélie Kretz

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Ste. Therese, Quebec born Amélie Kretz has always had the triathlon bug. Growing up playing multiple sports like hockey, golf, mountain, biking, and soccer, Amélie competed in her first triathlon at age 8. A few more years of development would see Kretz winning the 2012 Junior North American Championships and being named Elite Junior of the Year by Triathlon Canada. A year later, Amélie won a bronze medal at the 2013 U23 ITU Grand Final in London, UK.

With more than 80 starts in her professional career, Amélie has had more than a dozen podium finishes, winning eight races. A couple of dislocated shoulders that required surgery and multiple stress fractures throughout her career, haven’t held back Amélie. She overcame these setbacks and qualified to represent Canada at the last two Summer Olympic Games but is eying a podium finish at the Paris Games in 2024.

Outside of the countless hours training, traveling and competiting, Amélie occupies her time by working towards a degree in Athletic Therapy, fishing, and cooking nutritious meals. She’s proud to leverage her platform to inspire and support the next generation of young women triathletes from Quebec.