Ivanie Blondin

Ivanie Blondin - Envision Sports & EntertainmentIvanie became a Canadian Olympian at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics after dedicating her life to speed skating.

Ivanie started skating when she was 2 years old, she wasn’t graceful but she was fast. When she was 6, her frustrated figure skating coach suggested her parents try speed skating and Ivaine never looked back.

Ivaine has been smashing records since her coach secretly signed her up to compete nationally at the age of 14. As the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games infrastructure was being built near-by, Ivaine knew she needed to compete at the Winter Olympics. Coming back from Pyeongchang empty handed, Ivaine was devastated but she has persevered and 2020 was Ivanie’s most successful season yet with 12 World Cup medals and a world championship title. She will head into the Beijing Olympics as a medal favourite in four events.

Off the ice, Ivanie finds purpose in fostering animals and is engaged to her fiancé Konrad.